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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on monday at 5:00. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> let's see what the weather looks like. there could be some precipitation. >> you can feel the moisture in the air. we have visibility we are tracking, a quarter-mile visibility in san jose and santa rosa. half a mile in napa and one in mountain view and three in hayward and we have some spots where you are going to find reduced visibility and not much moisture on the ground. there is not much sweating going on right now. as we head into the afternoon hours, mostly cloudy and mild winds keep us in the money 60's again. we will have a better chance of light rain tonight and later in
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the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> we do have bart trains running on time right now and we do have a two-minute delay on ace train one leaving tracy headed over to vasco so two minutes of a delay. muni is on time. the construction project is clearing on the bay bridge in the westbound direction. from oakland to san francisco, not any lane blocked. we have fog in the bay area and i will tell you where those problems are in a little bit. >> san jose state university police are wanting female students to watch out for groping incidents over the weekend. abc7 news reporter is on campus with the details. >> the warning want out over the weekend and we are here on the campus and it is quiet. we have seen the patrols moving through the area on campus. both assaults took place on cam must on saturday night.
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police say a woman was groped by a man on a bicycle before 7:00 p.m. outside the event and recreation center. the second attack happened at 9:30 on eighth street near the hoover hall dormitory. witnesses say the attacker appeared to be a white man in his 20's with a mustache. many learned of the assault by text sent by the university. >> i never walk alone at night because it always seems to happen on campus where the classes are. it concerned me for campus security, i know we have cops patrolling but it is not enough. >> the text which youd warnings to avoid walking alone at night. students can always ask for a security escort at night by calling campus police. we have a call to campus police to see if there is a plan to increase security or if they have changed their procedures. as senator as we -- soon as we learn that information well
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share it with you. >> san jose police are looking if a suspect in the deadly stabbing at a birthday party over the weekend. authorities say 22-year-old was stabbed at 1:30 yesterday on trying to break up a fight. 30 other people were at the home for his gulf's -- girl friend's birthday party when the fight broke." >> police have arrested a man suspected of firing several shots inside a bar and say 21-year-old was arrested for the shooting around 1:00 o'clock yesterday morning. most of the bullets hit a cerealing and one hit a man. he was found with methamphetamine when he was arrested and booked into jail. antioch police want to find the person who shot a man inside a van outside the
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jack-in-the-box restaurant on lone tree way yesterday afternoon. witnesses say they hear several shots and the victim was flown to a trauma center. police have not said what led to the shooting. >> a family plans to file the first wrongful death lawsuit against on demand car service company uber and we spoke with attorney for the six-year-old who was hit and killed in san francisco on new year's eve while walking with her mother in the crosswalk. police arrested a 57-year-old driver for uber. the company said he was not working with him at the time and let him go. the lawyer says he was working for uber and was waiting if a fare. we will get more from our news reporter who just spoke with the attorney in the next half hour. >> today, in southern california, a group of students from the bay area and los angeles will head to court. they suing the state over the laws on teacher tenure, seniority and other presentations that the
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plaintiffs say keep bad teachers in classrooms. the nine students are part of a nonprofit organization called students matter, and the nonjury trial takes place in los angeles home to the big of the public school district in the united states. teachers unions are fighting back arguing that the suit unfairly targets older teachers. >> a backlash over comments from a billionaire founding father of silicon valley. in comments published by the "wall street journal" tom perkins says this is a war against the rich and compares the nation's fabled 1 percenters to% coupled jews. >> analogy to the holocaust are simply never appropriate. >> mr. perkins needs to take responsibility and apologize. >> the developture capital company that still bears his name is distancing itself from the controversy saying that tom
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perkins has not been involved with the company in years and we were shocked by the news. >> some of the biggest companies were funded by perkins so this is creating shockwaves. mike nicco has the forecast. >> how far down are we for the entire rain year which started july 1st of last year and goes to june 30 of this year? this is how much we need to make just to get to today's acknowledge. you were easiest around san jose and we only need 5.99", child's play compared to elsewhere where we have to make up to 18" in santa rosa, 11" in san francisco, nine" in oakland so when i say we getting rain, it will do nothing to the deficit. sorry i have to say it that way.
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be lifting and upper 50's to low 60's. mild and a lack of sunshine like yesterday, with low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and enjoy the evening, dress if temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. now, another check of the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> a new test involving these vehicles in fremont, southbound 880 coming up to the boulevard we have possible lake blockages. throw cars are involved and one is turned the wrong way so we have one car facing the wrong way and fog in the bay area, in the east bay, right here, coming between highway 84 and 92 you will find a big pocket of it and you cross over the water to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge you see it, and tracy to was throw valley, 39 minutes and 101 northbound from san jose to the airport is nine minutes and now, a look outside, southbound
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through san rafael toward san francisco, very light at this hour. >> good news, drivers are seeing relief at the gas pump this morning and the money report next. >> a community lines up for their last meal at a beloved restaurant that is shutting down after six decades serving gay wear customers. >> forget your wallet and apple wants to
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> all the bay area that is covered, san francisco international airport shows you can see there is fog out there, in you have that meteorologist mike nicco said this could be some delays. we will check on the weather forecast and changes this week. >> schools have been order closed and a state of emergency declared on the greek island after an earthquake damaged homes and injured at least seven people. hundreds of the island residents slept if cars after the 5.8 earthquake struck on the western greek island followed by after shocks as powerful at 5.2. >> new details in a virus outbreak that swept through a cruise ship. the centers for disease control says it has sickened 577
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passengers and 49 crew members on a royal caribbean ship. the cruise ship is making its way to new jersey and the company provided these pictures of the international explorer with passengers complaining of vomiting and other symptoms. officials with the centers for disease control boarded the ship in puerto rico over the weekend. it could take a few days to pinpoint the source. they say the ship has been completely sanitized. >> it will be an anxious week ahead on wall street. >> there is good news for prices at the pump. here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, nail biting time on wall street opening below 16,000 after a sharp sell off last week. investors are watching earnings report for major corporations, the federal reserve meeting and economic problems in china. gas prices are down an average of 3.5 cent to $3.31 a gallon and in california falling eight
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cents with the highest price in san diego. it costs three cents more to e-mail a letter today. if you have stamps that say "forever" they are still good to mail the letter. >> "ride along" was at the top of the box office with $21 million in sale and "lone survivor," was at second. >> regulators will do safety checks on 400 boeing 767s because the pilots can lose control because 6 an elevator that causes the plane to climb and descend. the issue has not been identified as the cause of any 767 accidents but the has arrest was first identified in 2000 when the f.a.a. ordered enhanced checks to identify mechanisms
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that have a problem. >> apple has billions in sales through itunes but has not built up a payment system but now they have a new leader to work on this and to have apple's role paying for good and services. dunkin' donuts and starbucks allow customers to pay that has been introduced with apple's operating system. >> a crowd gathered for a final meal at joe southwest westlake that opened in 1956. sergio was there for the emotional closing. >> love you. >> through the night, the group pictures were taken, the last take out orders were walked out and inside the lounge, it was lick a party.
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>> special birthday. first holy communion. where we celebrated the big events of our lives. >> this is it for a neighborhood landmark, an old friend for 56 years. >> since they broke the news, people are coming down for the last meal. >> ordering two steak and veal. >> last chance to try the veal. the last day to get a grilled steak. >> first came here in 1957, young teenager on saturday night. >> my dad would practice across the street and we have been coming 40 years. >> the charm of joe's has been unchanged over the years but this day this were hugs and kisses between customers and workers and among the employees as the shift ended, there were goodbyes. >> the new owners will re-open this place after a year's worth
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of renovation. staff say it will not be the same. >> i love the food as much as the customers and when the food is not there, i won't know where to go. >> in daly city, for abc7 news. >> hate to see that happen to the local places. >> we have changes with the weather. >> some warm weather today but that will go away with the chance of rain and a couple of chances this week but not the big pattern change we want, and not a lot of rain but it will stem the tide of record high temperatures and the drying that comes with that. here is live doppler 7 hd, a lot of should cover this morning and also a lot of fog so watch out for that. most of the country is quiet with the arctic outbreaks pushing through the upper midwest and headed to the east do not have a lot of moisture. if you are traveling around,
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remember, take a really, really, heavy debt. 36 in woodside, and everyone else is in the mid-40's to 50 at belmont, and menlo park is 46 on the peninsula, and palo alto and san mateo are 48, and san bruno is 50 and san francisco is 48 and san carlos is 46, and fremont is 39, a cool spot with los gatos and 43 in concord and napa and santa rosa and 48 at half moon bay. visibility is not bad here in san francisco. we will have thick are clouds than yesterday and a mild breeze with temperatures in the 60's and drizzle and immediate temperatures tonight a better chance of measurable rain on wednesday evening through thursday. the highs are in the mid-to-upper 60's in most neighbors and cloverdale and morgan hill could make it into the 70's. we are five to eight degrees warmer-than-average. mid-40's to low 50's and best chance of measurable rain or steady rain north of us and maybe lake and mendocino county
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and for us, drizzle and fog. at 7:00 in the morning, we are picking up the low clouds and as we transition to the high clouds, by noon, they will get thicker in the afternoon and evening. the best ray, overnight, up around ukiah where it stays until 7:00 tomorrow morning and the front starts to push toward the north bay and falls apart so there could be a scatter shower tomorrow afternoon in the north bay and we are talking just enough moisture to make it hard to get around tomorrow morning. that is it. as far as moving forward, watch the storm system come a little bit closer to us as we head to wednesday and thursday and the best chance of snow will be from tahoe to shasta. so, hopefully, they will get the lion's share of the moisture if we can't get it. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures will drop today through the best chance of rain on thursday and hang out mainly in the 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's and dry this
5:19 am
weekend. >> ace train one is still two minutes late but just about to cross over 580 and getting closer to vasco road as we speak. outside, i will show you the areas around the bay where we are seeing fog. across the san mateo bridge there is more traffic and a hazy picture across the water to the peninsula. our next shot is your maze through oakland as you travel along westbound i-80 the tail lights aetch fromming 5-- the tail lights as you approach 580. at the toll plaza it is empty, still, and traffic continues to funnel in to san francisco and you can see not too many cars all moving along at top speed. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> dog is in an icy jam and good
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samaritans put their safety on the line to rescue thing do. >> girl's quit thinking gives her grandfather a the besis thaa is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at
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try our delicious new fresh mex bowls with chipotle or margarita chicken. all served with a bowl of soup, like our new southwest chicken. chili's lunch combo starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, a family is going to file a wrongful death lawsuit against uber after their six-year-old was hit and killed in san francisco on new year's eve by a driver for the service. he said he was not working for them at time but the family attorney said he was. >> teen is accused of making
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weapon. noon-year-old vladislav miftakhov was arrested in pennsylvania attending college for engineering. vladislav miftakhov was born in russia but lived the last several years on the peninsula with his family. >> some places in the united states could see the coldest temperatures of the season as an arctic blast sweeps the midwest with some reading as low as 55 below zero. the natural weather service says california will feel 100 degrees warmer than some of the places today. >> two survivors of the boston marathon bombing and openly gay player and stanford graduate will be guests of first lady when the president delivers the state of the union address with special coverage tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. audacity punk took hold "album of the year" including new
5:24 am
zealand sicker -- singer. >> tracking for, live doppler 7 hd shows change in the air mass is here and the question is, when can we translate this into rain. that is in the "7 on your seveny forecast. >> the fog could be slowing you down in the north bay or south bay. we have one accident in fremont with the mass transit updates ahead. >> we have breaking news from massachusetts. this is a gasoline tanker that rolled over so heavy fire is burning right now and this is in fall river, massachusetts, and this is affecting traffic but you can see it is raging and the tanker fire is breaking news from massachusetts right now. >> the presidio trust is holding a meeting tonight after accepting final preparals for three plans to develop a site
5:25 am
next to crissy field. the site is occupied by the department store and the trust is preparing to decide by mid-february among three developer proposals including a museum by star wars creator, a public cultural center and a study to focus on the environment. another option is to approve nothing at all. >> obviously, she doesn't need the money but susan oil -- boyle is applying for a cashier's job at a betting parlor near her home in scotland. the manage of the parlor says he was stunned the famous singer wanted the position and speculated it was her way to take her mind off the baggage that comes with success and fame. the job pays the equivalent of $9 an hour. >> ten-year-old south carolina girl pulled her grandfather from a pond he fell into after
5:26 am
suffering a stroke. that is not all. she pulled her 230-pound grandfather identity of the water and carried him to the car and quarter mile away and got behind the while and drove three miles to her grandmother's house for help. she does not consider herself a hero she said instincts kicked in and she did what she had to. addict think i just got him out. >> just one of them things, you know, it is hard to believe but it happened. >> he spent six days recovering from the hospital. doctors discovered a small anurism. he survived. >> aing do stranded for hours in the frigid new jersey weather is now safe and warm. this is duke, a lucky dog because of two good samaritans who risked their lives to rescue duke when he was vanned in the
5:27 am
-- he was stranded in the middle of the icy river. they use add -- used a kayak to reach duke. >> crossing the delaware is always a difficult proposition. >> it is, indeed. >> didn't see any red coats? >> no, and we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> nut one but two groping attacks at a south bay university with an alert to students this morning. >> the governor brown called a detroit for marin county and they taking their own action with eme
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:29. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us.
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>> first up on this monday morning, a check on the forecast. mike? >> we will start with temperatures headed out the door, dress for upper 30's to low 40's with no freezing temperatures. we go great 38 in novato to 43 in santa rosa and american canyon and calistoga at 45 and 40 in mill valley and mild everywhere and coolest in cupertino at 40. alameda and san francisco at 48. through the afternoon hours, we have fog this morning. that going to translate to mostly cloudy afternoon and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-60 to 70 around the bay and with all the cloud cover temperatures are above average again. monday morning type to head back to work. show the commute? >> 580 is very busy through the a mass and into live more where we have loads the brake lights. ace train one is now three minutes late as it continues in the westbound direction through
5:31 am
livermore. we have a couple accidents including a car that went off the road westbound 780 news causing any delays. we had usually spectator slowing and it has cleared. closer to the south bay to fremont southbound 880 we have this three car crash on the shoulder not blocking any lanes but c.h.p. needs to head out there and her the scene. san jose is murky because of a ton of fog being reported. >> new developments today in a new year's eve crash that claimed the life of a six-year old. the family plans to sue uber today which is bay area based company. amy hollyfield? >> look at the corner of the intersection, there is still a memorial here to sofia, a month after her death. the attorney for the parents of
5:32 am
devastated and will file the first wrong will death lawsuit against uber. the family has vowed to seek discuss advertise for their daughter who died before her seventh birthday. the driver who hit her in a crosswalk on new year's eve was arrested, 57-year-old syed muzzafar working for uber who said he wasn't working at time but the family says uber has refused insurance protection for the driver because he didn't have a passenger. the driver's attorney says he was looking for a spare. the attorney for the family says that is the problem, the drivers are often looking down at their phone and says "the use of the uber app by drivers violates california laws designed to eliminate driver distraction. drivers are constantly interacting with the mobile devices creating a serious risk to both passengers and the community." uber has not responded to this lawsuit. the attorney for sofia's parents
5:33 am
say the fact they have denied responsibility is upsetting them and they really are determined to hold uber accountable. >> thank you, a san jose woman is grieving this morning after her boyfriend was stabbed to death after her birthday party. the stabbing happened outside a home in the piedmont hills neighborhood in san jose around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. a family member says that 22-year-old was at the home with 30 other people celebrateing his girlfriend's 21st birthday. a fight break out and he was stabbed to death trying to break it up. >> a hard working guy, nice guy, trying to be a peacemaker and breaking up the fight and he got stabbed. >> police have not identified a suspect. according to his facebook page he went to lowell high school in high school and attended san jose state.
5:34 am
he was the fourth homicide victim of the year. >> a bay area teen now attending college in pennsylvania is this custody this morning accused of making weapons of mass destruction. the 19-year-old vladislav miftakhov isening held on half million bail in pennsylvania where he is attending college for engineering. he was booked to growing marijuana and building weapons of mass destruction inside his apartment. vladislav miftakhov was born in russia but lived the last several years in san carlos and graduated from carlmont high school in the spring. >> he never got in trouble. he was never caught doing anything bad. it seems weird. >> we would talk and he said nothing about -- weapons in general or bums -- bombs or anything. we just talked random stuff. >> he said he experimented with explosives this california and his roommate in person said he recently set off three bombs outside their apartment. >> campus police are want female
5:35 am
students at san jose state to be on alert after two assaults on students. both took place on campus on saturday night. police say a man on a bicycle grope add woman at 7:00 outside the event and recreational center and the second 457ed at 9:20 near the hoover hall dorm. the attacker was a white man in his 20's with a mustache wearing a black hoodie andent pa -- and pants. there were warnings by the university to avoid walking alone at night. students can always ask for security at night by calling police. >> 14-year-old girl who died by being hit by a light rain train will be laid to rest while crossing the v.t.a. light rail tracks. a memorial service was held yesterday and she will be buried if san jose at 11:00 this morning. >> san francisco police officer will be back in court for
5:36 am
arraignment and a bail hague on charges he molested a teenager. the prosecution says that the 38-year-old richard hastings performed lewd acts with a 15-year-old concord team between june and august of last year. hastings has been with the san francisco police department since 2001 and is held on $910 ,000 bail. >> life elder care needs help running meals on wheels program. the van recently bloke down and had to be fix. volunteers found other ways to deliver meals and the ran is at risk of being broken again and needs to be replaced. you can find a think to boy a new plan at abc7 news come under "see it on tv." >> officials in marin county will meet for a drought summit
5:37 am
tomorrow that car the reservoir levels in half and dried up 95 percent of the pasture land. according to our media partner, the marin independent journal, the summit will address the deexplosion at the local water supply and what to do about it. the governor brown has declared a drought emergency and calling for 20 percent voluntary cut back in water use. >> the drought is taking a toll on cattle ranchers which are selling off the herd because it is too expensive to buy hay and the water in the land is drying up. california is the leader in dairy cows with precipitation in the state less than 20 percent of normal but this could be rain in the forecast, maybe even this week. >> we find out mike? >> there is rain in the forecast but it is not a lot. unfortunately. we need a lot. like in santa rosa, we need at least 18" to get back to average, almost 11 if san francisco, ten at sfo and six in
5:38 am
livermore and 7.5" in sacramento and in the sierra, the entire sierra, look at that, 13 percent of where we should be today. we need a ton, literally, tons of snow across the sierra. we will talk about what will happen, a lot of fog watching sfo and flight arrival delays. next 12 hours is very mild, watch out for foggy spots especially in the north bay and the south bay at 41 to 50 and upper 50's and near 60 with clouds at noon. a mild breeze and a mild air mass with limited unshine and low-to-upper 60's at 4:00 and low-to-mid 50's with drizzle later in the evening through tomorrow morning and maybe a stray shower in the afternoon as we cheer out and most of wednesday is dry but the evening rain comes in changing to showers with totals in the seven-day forecast. >> we will start off look at drive time traffic and see how
5:39 am
long it will take you to drive along 680 from walnut creek to dublin at 14 minutes along 101 through marin from santa rosa to san francisco, 15 minutes gets you through and along highway 17, 23 minutes and over to the maps right new, as we look at tons of traffic over the altamont pass and 40 minutes gets you through and we have this picture from a wazer with no accident to report just plenty of congestion as we take a look outside here is walnut creek, southbound, 680, where traffic is moving but it is certainly building, especially as we get closer to highway 24 junction. >> the music world celebrates the big night with the artists who took home a grammy and dozens of nonperformers nearly stole the show. >> horrific moment caught on video on the speedway as daytona
5:40 am
with a crash that left race car a mangled wreck. >> edward snowden make as new allegations against the n.s.a. and who he claims the agency spied on in addition one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. the lower your annual income,
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they're the only cereals with box tops for education. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo. only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. taking you back to fall river, massachusetts, where a tanker truck continues to burn. it is hauling gasoline to the curb too fast and slid off the road. fire trucks are on the scene but
5:43 am
this is going to burn for a while and it looks since it is an isolated area that firefighters could be content to burn itself out. no word on injuries. this is in fall river, massachusetts. >> take a look now. powerful crash that happened at daytona raceway in florida open saturday. the driver memo gidley was taking a turn in the sun and was going nearly full speed and he rammed into a per father which stalled. both drivers remain in the hospital. gidley has a broken back that will require surgery. and matteo is comfortable. >> the olympic torch is in a terror stricken city with official on high alert for terror attacks. next the torch heads to the capital of chechnya, home to movements enemies of the russian
5:44 am
state. the torch will reach sochi for the opening ceremony on friday. >> former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden claims in a new interview that united states fills could take deadly revenge for disclosing american surveillance secrets. in an interview edward snowden said he did not face direct threats or spill dangerous since seeking aseem in russia but he cited an article that quoted anonymous officials saying they wished they could kill him. the 30-year-old accused the u.s. government of filing -- spying on german companies. >> fresh electronic duo daft punk took home the top honor. >> the grammy goes to...random memories.
5:45 am
>> the random access memories won "album of the year," and "get lucky," was record. daft punk won in every category they were nominated taking home four grammys. "royals" was best solo, and bruno mars won and best country went to casey, and ryan lues and macklemore got best new artist and rap album. >> 33 gay and treaty couples tied the knot and queen latifah officiated. ryan lewis and macklemore performed "same love," and madonna sang "open your heart," drawing tears from keith urban and katy perry and she caught a dough way. the next awards are the oscars march 2nd and this is where
5:46 am
you can see the 86th annual academy awards with full coverage from the red carpet arrivals to the after parties. >> schools are closed in the midwest at the arctic blast bears down on the region with 18 states from minnesota to maine experiencing the coldest air yet with wind chill between 30 and 60 degrees below zero and winter storm watches are issued tomorrow for all of the gulf coast states with one silver lining, concerns of the weather are pushing down ticket prices for the weekend super bowl and now going just for $1,500. >> they could be down but that is still an all-time high. >> just a pittance. now a check with mike and the forecast. maybe some rain. >> maybe some raiment definitely some rain but not a lot. that is unfortunate. that is why we have been showing you the deficit to give you an
5:47 am
idea how much we need and looking at the high today, one in chicago. seven below zero in minneapolis. 12 below zero in fargo. through denver it is 22 degrees. salt lake is 21. the eastern seaboard is getting the cold air tonight. it feels like right now 38 below zero in minneapolis. that is not very pleasant after sleeping in a warm bed and you get up and walk the cuds to bus stop and it is 38 below zero, you may not like where you live. 15 in nashville, 45 in atlanta, and bitter. our visibility shows quarter-mile visibility in san jose, and half a mile in mountain view and napa and quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa and the same areas have the thickest fog and downtown, it is quiet back to the ferry building and thick are clouds and mild, and drizzle and mild tonight and
5:48 am
light rain on wednesday evening through thursday. with the lack of sunshine, mid-to-upper 60's and maybe we will have a few low 60's and mild and mid-40's to low 50's with drizzle developing but notice where the best chance of steady rain was to the north. with low clouds at 7:00, high clouds transition by noon and they get thicker in the afternoon and you can see the drizzle during the overnight hours and in the north bay long the chest the best chance of steady rain is around this area until 7:00 tomorrow and the front comes down with steady rain at clover day and the front washes out and we have only clouds tomorrow afternoon. our measurable rainfall will stay to the north with this first system and you can see if lake and mendocino county and the next is wednesday into thursday and we will get a quarter to three quarters of an inch from the south bay to the north bay and a couple of feet
5:49 am
of possible in the sierra which is great news which means snow, a couple of inches of rain equivalent. the seven-day forecast shows rain on wednesday evening, light, through thursday morning, and scattered showers on thursday afternoon, and it is dry through the weekend with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. >> we have a report of an accident in san francisco on slope boulevard at 43rd avenue and we will try to get more details but it could be an minor accident on the shoulder and we have this crash a vehicle that went off the road near south hampton road and it is not causing delays and not blocking any lanes but there could be activity that could cause slow ing. you can see the orange area is an indication of where the fog could affect your commute with fog all over the bay area and we do not have it so much along the peninsula with clear conditions along 280 and 101 and top speeds
5:50 am
by sfo. the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up especially in the cash-paying lane to the right-hand side and the fast track lane is moving just fine. >> a maryland mall the scene of a frightening weekend shooting will reson and 19-year-old entered the mall and gunned down two skateboard workers. then he turned the gun on himself. investigators are now trying to determine if darion aguilar knew the victims. he had a backpack with explosives and they are not sure if he was landing another attack. >> a study finds more than 7,000 children are treated for gun injuries each year. according to researchers at y'all and boston university, 20 kid as day were admitted to the hospitals in 2009 for gun-related injuries. children under ten accounted for 75 percent of the
5:51 am
hospitalization for accidental injuries and 90 percent everyone boys. more than 6 percent died from the injuries and the findings suggest that pediatricians should council parents about gun safety including safe storm. >> new video uncovered of the most photographed women in the world coming up and kate middleton like you have never seen before. >> with a touch of ernie. >> google could be ready to drive into new territory with a tree ride it could soon offer you. >> new at 6:00, make it easier to get a job, with an announcement expected to
5:52 am
one of t is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income,
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the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll now at
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a new video surfaces shows the duchess of cambridge starring in a school play when she was 11 playing in the 1993 school production of "my fair lady." in the musical professor spends hours teaching her to change her voice so she can imitate a duchess at an ambassador's tea party. and her love interest was played by andrew ler who now plays a party-loving aristocrat in downton abbey. very ironic. >> now the weather forecast. >> well look at lake tahoe and the seven-day forecast, we have quiet weather today. and tomorrow. rain will move in on wednesday. you can see the rain turns over to snow on thursday and a chance
5:55 am
of heavy snow hopefully to be measured in feet as we head from thursday into friday. most of state now is quiet as we look at our live doppler 7 hd and the height sprinkles that fell in southern california have moved into southern arizona and a chance of light precipitation around eureka and 57 with clouds and 61 at monterey. mild in the central valley and low 70's and down to 72 in los angeles and 67 in san diego and 81 in palm springs. we will keep our fingers crossed >> we have loads the fog in the bay area slowing you down and we have a big project that will take place starting today. it will last all eke long and for the next few weeks. this is along highway 12 where one lane blocked in both directions and it starts at 8:00 in the morning through the afternoon. this is going to affect your morning court mute. you are advised to take 37 but
5:56 am
it citizens from highway 29 to the napa county line. with the lanes blocked, you can expect heavy delays. 588, tracy to dublin is 46 minutes and highway four is clear, 101 through san rafael to san francisco is moving along fine and you can see traffic is slowing but you do have more contain toward us. >> if you ride the san mateo county transit district several routes have been changed, after a two-year study. they say it is the most comprehensive change to bus service on the peninsula in a decade. riders are urge nod to check the website to confirm exactly where the bus will stop, what time and if a transfer will be necessary. some stocks don't have owns reflecting the new changes. >> you could be offered free taxi rides in the futures because of google, receiving a patent linking online ads to
5:57 am
free taxi rides paid if by advertisers. if you are shopping for a car, because google knows where you are and have maps and ads they could offer you a free ride to a car dealer. you would not get a ride to buy toothpaste but analysts say it could be in a google driverless car. >> you would probably buy the toothpaste and you may or may not buy the car. >> come on, mike. >> just saying. >> next at 6:00 the weekend california car crash claims the lives of three sisters. >> not one but two welcome groping incidents at a bay area university and the warning going out to students on campus. >> sick at sea hundreds become ill abo
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. new developments in a traffic accident that left a six-year old dead and the mother critically injured and the legal action the family is suspected to take against a bay area start-up. >> not one but two groping incidents at a south bay university over the weekend with the alerts how going out to students on campus. >> bitter cold across the midwest will not go away and this morning it is keeping thousands of school kids out of the classroom. >> good morning, at 6:00 on this on, thanks for joining us. >> different weather here, not is much the cold but the possibility of rain. mike? >> it is dominating everyone's conversation even on twitter and facebook which is nice because we have not had knit so -- not had it for so long with quarter-mile visibility on live doppler 7 hd in napa. we increasing a little bit in san jose at three-quarters of a mile to mountain view and san francisco internat


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